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Cost Management Training

We offer Cost Management Training to customers who have taken advantage of our Audit and Cost Management Services. We offer two types of training to assist your company in staying as cost- effective as possible after the audit is complete. Both types of training are customized to address the individual needs of your company to train your staff on what to how to identify billing problems, cost savings methods and options available.
  • Accounts Payable Training- The goal of this training is to educate and empower you to better manage your telecom costs following the audit. This training is designed to educate your staff members who are responsible for paying your telecom invoices on how to identify problems and ways to cut costs. By having a better trained staff you can minimize any future billing errors or missed savings. We work with your staff to show them what was missed in the past, the red flags that a problem exists and how to resolve the problem
  • Telecommunications Department Training- The goal of this training is to ensure that your staff is educated on the different types of services available, in order to avoid ordering costly services when there are cost effective alternatives available. This training is designed to educate staff members who are responsible for ordering service and/or handling repair or maintenance issues. When you have a more informed Telecom Department, you are less likely to rely on the advice of commissioned salespeople at the Phone Company, allowing you to control costs. This training is customized to meet the needs of your business today and into the future.